Evolving your brand

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, your business needs to stand out from the crowd and no brand should ever be fixed in stone.


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Ask yourself

– Are you happy with your branding?
– Does is appeal to your target market?
– Is it relevant to what you do now (or want to do)?
– Is it looking a bit dated?

Everything is a work in progress

But don’t panic!

Not everyone needs a complete change in their rebrand. It’s not always about starting from scratch.

It’s about evaluating what is important. What should be kept and why. And moving forward.

All businesses evolve over time. They can grow, diversify or niche down to attract a smaller, more targeted market.
And, as such, companies need their logos and branding to reflect their changes in direction.

Just search the history of the Starbucks and Coca Cola logos. There have been tweaks to their logos, both small and large.